Narenn Convention

Leaving an impression of fine caliber is the goal of Narenn Convention. We have zeroed in on the best hospitality services available all across the city of Hyderabad. Getting you a dose of our services in the form of Banquet halls is our recent interest. Right from scratch, everything will be holistic with cost affordability. We are your perfect banquet hall solution with loads of ideas and accommodation. Welcome to our world of Narenn Convention. We have well prepared for you royal amenities with panache right from entrance to exit in Indoor mode. Our banquet halls have the much needed A/C facility considering the heat of Hyderabad. This will keep your invitees completely sweat free. Every corner of the structure will be embedded with plush artifacts and the lighting, crockery and spacing for food catering will be abundant. The seating can easily fill in anywhere from 300 to 500 people at a time. However, if eating in the open is the desire of your invitees, then we also allot beach facing and forest insulated spaces to feel every bite of the feast with nature?s bliss. The best banquet hall is waiting for you. Built for capacities in excess of 1500 people, the grand standing Naren Convention is an example of the quality that we offer. A lush lawn which can also double as a beautiful venue of its own beckons guests gently into the plush lounge area. Furnished delicately yet elegantly, the lounge area has often served as a comfortable zone for all our guests. Beyond this awaits a massive 25,000sft air conditioned area which is done up to complement any kind of decoration and theme. The venue has been designed and constructed in accordance with Vaastu. Soft lights and well placed speakers accentuate the mood of the occasion. The venue comes with two fully equipped suites situated behind the stage. They come with a fully equipped bedroom and a sitting area.

  • 1-61/1 To 1-61/5, IDA Bollaram Road, Miyapur, Hyderabad
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